CHEMKATON 2024 - international edition


This is a unique formula reffering to Grand Challenge-type competitions initiated in 2004 by the American agency DARPA and popular 24-hour Hackathons.

THE GREAT CHALLENGE – CHEMISTRY, understood as a task to be completed, is measurable and achievable within 24 hours. The competition is organized by the Faculties of Energy and Fuels, and Materials Science and Ceramics of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. Thanks to its open formula, remote eliminations, minimal formalities, and low costs of task solutions, every chemistry student has a chance to participate and win.

The competition is open to all first and second-cycle university students who want to test their chemistry skills in teams.

The challenge consists of two stages. Stage I (eliminations) is a remote stage in which 3-4-person teams submit a proposed solution to the task provided by the organizers. Stage II (Grand Final at AGH) is a real challenge, with only the top 8 teams being invited. Among them this year, there will also be international teams! The final will last exactly 24 hours. The main prize for the winning team is 12,000 PLN.



For the finalists of the Chemkaton Grand Challenge, attractive prizes are planned.

The main prize for the winning team is 12,000 PLN!

Who can participate in Chemkaton?

We invite teams composed of 3-4 individuals (first or second-cycle studies, bachelor’s, master’s, or engineering). A passion for chemistry and having student status at the time of registration are necessary conditions. Additionally, in the competition (optionally), basic skills in operating a 3D Prusa printer and creating simple 3D objects in any program by at least one team member may be useful and could increase the chance of developing a better solution. However, even without these skills, the tasks presented can be successfully solved. We welcome ambitious and challenge-seeking individuals. You will surely not be disappointed with what we have prepared. Participation is subject to acceptance of the Chemkaton competition regulations.

Registration is open!

Stage I - elimination task

The Chemkaton elimination task involves preparing a mixture to achieve the lowest possible temperature. When preparing the mixture, you must use commonly available ingredients found in at least 50% of grocery stores and supermarkets.

This part of the competition is entirely remote. Solutions to the elimination task will be accepted until 11:59 PM on June 15, 2024. The composition and procedure for preparing the mixture will be replicated based on the information provided by the Jury in the AGH laboratory, where temperature measurements will be taken. Based on the obtained measurement results, a ranking list will be prepared according to the scoring described in the Chemkaton regulations. Information about the elimination task can be found at this link.

Instructions for file submission, including a link to the remote folder, will be sent to the Team Leader’s email address provided during registration.

Stage II - Grand Challenge at AGH

The final task will be released after the conclusion of the Grand Final, i.e., on October 1, 2024.

Results of Stage I of Chemkaton

The results of Stage I (eliminations) will be successively published from June 24th to June 30th, 2024.

Results of the Chemkaton Grand Final

The results of this year’s final will be available on October 1, 2024

Who support us?

Financial support and prizes for the Chemkaton competition are provided by:

Ryvu Therapeutics
Orlen Fundation
Cracow Water
AGH University of Krakow
Chemat Logo with Claim_1
Academica Foundation
Polish Chemical Society


Faculty of Energy and Fuels

AGH University of Krakow

Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics

KN TD Fuels
logo KN CA
KN Artistic Ceramics
SKN Nabla


The substantive supervision over the course of the competition is provided by

PhD Eng Marta Wójcik
PhD Eng Maria Rajska
PhD Eng Katarzyna Pasiut
PhD Eng Grzegorz S. Jodłowski
PhD Eng Przemysław Grzywacz
PhD Eng Tadeusz Dziok

Do you have guestions?

If you have any doubts related to participation in the Chemkaton competition, feel free to contact us:!

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